Experience Ohrid

     National Ohrid Museum is located next to the handmade paper workshop in the old part of the city. More than two centuries earlier the Louvre in Paris and the British Museum in London, in the church of the Mother of God Peribleptos, in the old part of Ohrid, there was in archbishopric museum, which was one of the oldest in Europe that existed about 400 years, from 1516 to 1916 when the museum was disbanded.

Streets in old part of the city are narrow, here we can see the traditional Ohrid architecture, the most representative house of that architecture is house of Robevi were National Ohrid museum is placed

     It revived 35 years later, in May 1951. Today, the exhibits are presented in the historical house of the richest family in Ohrid, Robev family, built in 1863-1864.

The Golden mask

     The biggest part of the museum consists in archaeological collection that presents the archaeological treasure from the region of the city. Despite the memorial story of the family presented through the original material items that belonged to the members of the family and the exceptional woodcarving, in 2014 the famous Golden Room was opened. It includes precious antiques, above all the Golden Mask from the 5th century BC, as well as many other gold, silver and glided items found during excavations in Ohrid and the archaeological sites Trebenishte and Deboj.

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