ST. Naum Monastery


  St. Naum Monastery is located by the shores of the Ohrid Lake, 29km from the city and only 1 km from the Albanian border. The original church dedicated to the Holy Archangels was built by St Naum in 900 AD, but for unknown reasons was destroyed. Today, the church that is having the name of one of the famous disciples of the great missionaries Cyril and Methodius, originates from the 17th century.

St. Naum

    The inscriptions on the two marble columns are the oldest epigraphic evidence of the Slavic literacy. The 3th of July the orthodox world is celebrating the name of St Naum. Many visitors are going to the monastery in order to pray and those who believe to hear the heartbeat of the saint by pressing an ear to his grave inside the small chapel.

Peecock in Monastery complex



   St. Naum is famous among the locals with his miracles painted on the walls of the church. The entire monastic complex is complemented by the magnificent beauty of the peacocks and these birds symbolizing the immortality are the symbol of the monastery. Also in the monastery complex are the beautiful springs of river Drim, the springs forms a small lake with crystal clear water.

spring of river Drim
Springs of river Drim in the monastery complex

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