The Holy Mother of god – Peribleptos

The Holy Mother of God Peribleptos church is located in the old part of the city of Ohrid, near the Upper Gate. It is dedicated to the Holy Mother Peribleptos, meaning “conspicuous” or “who watches over all”.

5.4.18. The Holy Mother of God Peribleptos church

   The extraordinary typical byzantine architecture and the stunning wall paintings make this church, which was built in 1295 by the Byzantine military commander Progon Zgur, one of the most significant medieval monuments in Macedonia. The fresco painting in this church represents some of the first works of the most prestigious medieval painters Michael and Eutychios. Their dramatic expressiveness was the basis of the new trend in Byzantine art from this epoch, called “The Renaissance of the Paleologues.” On the walls of this church, with an extraordinary vitality, power and obvious emotions, they have painted scenes from the life of the Mother of God and Jesus Christ.

Frescos in the church

After the destruction of the of the St Clemens’s, the relics of St Clement were transferred here and ever since the citizens of Ohrid named this church St. Clement. This is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in the city, explored because of its extraordinary beauty that reveals the secret of a unique byzantine world.

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