Experience Ohrid

We will start the tour from the central square “St. Clement of Ohrid”. At first, we will visit a small workshop for hand-made paper, where we can see how the paper was produced in the past. From there, we will visit the “Saint Sophia” Church from the outside, and then continue to the church of “Mother of God Peribleptos”, where we will admire one of the most beautiful frescoes in the whole Byzantium world. On our way, we will also see the Ancient theatre. We will continue to Plaoshnik, and see the first university in Europe, and the church of “Saint Clement”. After the visit of Plaoshnik, we will continue to see the most beautiful view of the Ohrid Lake and the church of “John Kaneo”. From Kaneo we will go back to the centre, on small boats, where we can see the old town from a different perspective. We will have an hour of free time, for coffee break or some snacks. Then, at 1 pm, we will take a large boat and sail to the monastery of “St.Naum”. On half way there, we will visit the “Museum on water” which is a reconstruction of a pre-historic palaeolithic settlement.  We will arrive at the monastery of “St.Naum” and later we will go to the famous springs, and have a small boat ride on the crystal clear small lake that these springs are forming. After that, we will have time for lunch at one of the local restaurants. We sail back to Ohrid, and in the end, we will drop you off in the centre of the city.

The tour price includes:

  • Boat ride from the centre of Ohrid to the St. Naum monastery
  • Professional local tourist guide

The tour price excludes:

  • Rides by small boats
  • Food and drinks
  • All entrance fees for museums and churches.

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Photos from the tour

Price per person:

  • 1 person -119 €
  • 2 persons -77 €
  • 3 persons -65 €
  • 4 persons -58 €
  • 5 persons -52 €
  • 6 persons -48 €
  • 7 persons -44 €
  • 8 persons -41 €
  • 9-10 persons -39 €
  • 11+ persons -35 €

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