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December 16, 2020
Roads of the old merchants
December 18, 2020

Kuratica village

„Here travelers can see the traditional way of life of the local villagers ”

Kuratica is a village in the Ohrid municipality. It is located on the slopes of mountain Mazatar, on an altitude of 1080 m above the sea level.

Kuratica is a traditional Macedonian village with around 300 inhabitants. People who live in Kuratica are offering different activities and tours to their visitors, like tasting different specialties from the traditional Macedonian cuisine, all that combined with homemade wine and traditional alcoholic drink rakia for an appetizer. Visitors can witness as well as participate in the food making process. They can also experience a donkey safari, where they can explore the beautiful nature that surrounds the village riding on a donkey. Travelers can also, go off-road with SUV's through the mountain roads, and enjoy sightseeing the breathtaking landscapes.

Natural washing machines are located close to the village.

Here, the locals are using the flow of the river, they direct it to the wooden circles and make a water twister. People from the surrounding area come here to wash their bedding. The place is surrounded by magnificent nature and places for a grill, so while the blankets are washed, cooled drinks from the river are served, and people make a picnic and enjoy.