Early Christian basilica ” Manchevci”
December 15, 2020
National Ohrid Museum
December 15, 2020

Icon gallery in Ohrid

„It has one of the most valuable collections, from the period between the 11th and 19th centuries.”

Icon Gallery Ohrid is located in the Old part of the city, in front of the impressive church of the Mother of God Peribleptos.

Together with the Icon Galleries on Mount Sinai, Mount Athos, and in Moscow in Russia, the icons of the Ohrid Gallery belong to the rank of the greatest achievements of the Byzantine and Slavic icon painting and possess high artistic qualities. Many of the icons have been painted in the medieval workshops in Ohrid while some have been brought in Ohrid from Salonika or Constantinople as a present for the churches. Some of the icons are covered with silver representing a real masterpiece. In the past, the building of the Gallery had various purposes and the icons were displayed in the external parvis of the Church of the Mother of God Peribleptos, for the first time in 1961.


In 2000, on the occasion of the great jubilee of Christianity, the Icon Gallery was readapted and modernized. Not only had many visitors but also the admirers of the orthodox Christian art in many foreign countries had the opportunity to admire this precious collection through various international exhibitions.